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By definition, reclaimed wood is any wood salvaged from old buildings, furniture, or other sources no longer serving their purpose. And yet we would be remiss to exclude the historical narrative of reclaimed wood. Each piece of repurposed wood holds a legacy of something old becoming new again, and this storied character offers warmth and timeless beauty to every space it inhabits.

"Waste does not exist in nature because ecosystems reuse everything that grows in a never-ending cycle of efficiency and purpose." - Frans van Houten

From the day Kase Custom was established in 2014, reclaimed wood has always been right for us. 

To many, its appeal lies solely in being a sustainable choice. And indeed it is that. In choosing to repurpose salvaged wood we reduce the demand for new wood, which in turn preserves our forests. 

Reclaimed wood is also a durable option for furnishings because it has had years (and sometimes decades) to dry out, making it a stable wood. When new wood is harvested it’s often cut before it has reached full maturity, which can lead to warping and/or cracking as it dries if not properly treated and maintained. 

A third and perhaps ultimate appeal of reclaimed wood is its aesthetic. Each piece of wood holds an air of strength and resilience, a depth of history that will always hold mystery, and — our favorite — its uniqueness. Kase Custom is built on honoring both the uniqueness of the wood we craft with and the customers we serve. It is because of your unique needs, preferences and spaces that we offer an abundance of customizations on each of our pieces. 

All of this combined makes reclaimed wood our perfect, symbiotic choice.

Our reclaimed wood is sourced from within the United States, and is selected for its health, strength and inherent beauty. We carefully curate wood selections for every order, which renders each piece of our furniture truly one-of-a-kind.

Orders are expected to be completed and shipped in 3-4 weeks. Transit is then typically 3-8 business days. 

If you need a piece quickly, we invite you to keep an eye on our In Stock options. These opportunistic pieces rotate periodically and are made with the same quality standards you will find with our made-to-order offerings, without the build time.

We ship all orders free of charge throughout the United States of America and to Canada for a flat fee.

If you are looking for other delivery locations, please contact us at to see how we might arrange delivery to your area.

Transit time averages between 3-8 business days within the USA and 6-10 business days to Canada. You will receive an email notification once your package is confirmed for shipment. If your order ships with FedEx, tracking will indicate the expected delivery date. If your order ships freight, the carrier will deliver during receiving hours if they were provided (commercial) or will call for a delivery appointment once your package arrives locally.

You will find two shipping options available at checkout:

  1. Complimentary Freight or FedEx Ground. Freight is delivered at the curb-level by appointment and FedEx Ground services as standard for your address. 
  2. Full Service White Glove. This is a premium delivery option for a $250 fee. White Glove includes inside delivery to room of choice, unpacking, placement, assembly, and debris removal. Available for deliveries within the Contiguous USA.

If you have any questions or require special arrangements in delivery, please contact us at

Our complimentary delivery method includes curb level drop off and arrangements to have your order carried inside will need to be made by you. 

If you’d like a full service delivery, please select White Glove delivery at checkout. This upgrade includes inside delivery, placement, assembly and debris removal. Available within the Contiguous USA.

We guarantee your order is received in pristine condition or we will make it right however necessary.

If your order is received with damage, please contact us right away at

Our rigorous sourcing process focuses on the health and beauty of the wood to ensure each piece of furniture starts with quality. Our furniture is built with reclaimed wood sourced throughout the United States and chosen for its health, strength, and beauty. 

Kase Custom reclaimed wood furniture is made with carefully curated combinations of wood species, making each piece of furniture different from any other in the world. It is not possible to guarantee any certain species of wood will be included or excluded from your Kase Custom piece — only that it is healthy, beautiful and thoughtfully chosen.

All reclaimed wood bears evidence of its past life in the form of texture, knots, character, and nail holes. Our process of planing, sanding and hand-brushing is designed to honor and refine these natural elements while building a piece that is practical, durable and sustainable.

As you run your hands over any piece of our furniture, you will feel both the smooth finish of stain and sealants as well the natural texture and character of the wood.

We proudly offer three signature finish colors: Natural, Provincial and Espresso. 

  • Natural is a minimalist finish intended to enhance the wood in its purest form. 
  • Provincial is our classic walnut shade. 
  • Espresso is a richly grained dark brown. 

Visit our Finish Colors page for more information and visual samples.

This is an important part of your Kase Custom furniture. Imperfections, or irregularities, are the story of the wood's past life. We mention the presence of nail holes and/or markings, wood grain and slight color variance on each product page in hopes you too will embrace these evidences of the wood’s history. 

Our restorative process is careful to refine, not disguise, these elements. We start with a rigorous reclaimed wood sourcing process before the wood ever enters our shop. Then, our highly selective artisans choose one by one each piece of wood in building your order. 

Each piece of wood holds a variety of properties depending on the species of tree it comes from, the part of the tree it came from, how and what part of the tree was felled, the age of the tree, how the piece of wood was oriented at the sawmill where it was originally cut, and/or the way the wood was used, treated and weathered in its past life or lives. Even the type of soil the tree grew in and the minerals in the soil can have an effect on the aesthetic of the wood. 

At Kase Custom, we refine these irregularities for a cohesive, natural look still reflective of the wood's history — lending legacy and visual interest to its new life as a piece of custom furniture.

Kase Custom furniture is thoughtfully designed, starting with the wood we source through to the experience you have upon receiving your order. 

Some of our pieces require simple assembly. Please reference the individual product page details to learn more about whether assembly is required. To preview assembly for a specific piece of furniture, we invite you to visit the Assembly and Care page. 

To make for simple and efficient assembly your order will arrive with custom-made genuine steel brackets for durability to last generations. All of the screw inserts are pre-threaded for ease, and all furniture includes eight (8) or less screws. You can anticipate 15-20 minutes for assembly. All you will need is a crescent wrench or 1/2-inch socket wrench. 

If assembly is a concern for you, we offer a White Glove delivery service for an additional fee — in which assembly is included. Learn more about White Glove delivery.

Kase Custom tables are offered in industry standard heights for dining, counter and bar tables. 

Seating options appropriately titled as Dining, Counter, or Bar should work with your respectively titled table height. e.g. Choose Counter height stools for your Counter height table.

Chair Buying Guide:

  • Dining Height: 30”

Best paired with standard dining chairs approximately 18” tall

  • Counter Height: 36”

Best paired with stools/seating approximately 24” tall

  • Bar Height: 42”

Best paired with stools/seating approximately 30” tall

When shopping for ideal seating, a good rule of thumb is to subtract 12” from the height of the table. e.g. 30 (height of dining table) - 12 (standard height suggestion between table and chair)  = 18 (suggested seating height). You may find a 1-2” variance between chair makers. 

We offer bench seating for our dining height (30”) tables. View our Bench Collection. 

Still unsure? As always, we’re here to assist in your decision-making process — contact us at

We offer a collection of bench seating for our standard height (30”) tables. 

Shop the Bench Collection

All Kase Custom pieces are designed solely for indoor use. The outdoor elements — humidity, rain, and sun exposure — negatively impact the stain as well as the integrity of the wood. 

Nonetheless, we understand some of our customers choose to use their tables outdoors. We urge you to consider this only if your furniture will be in a well-protected outdoor area. 

Outdoor use is at your own risk and can be expected to shorten the life of your furniture.

We love this question. A number of pieces in our permanent collection are based on customer requests from our early days, and we’re always considering new pieces to add. 

We do customize many elements of our current designs and are occasionally able to accommodate more custom furniture requests. We invite you to share your request at where we can explore together if the design is one, we’re well-suited to build for you.

Largely, yes. Our wood refining, building and finishing practices are consistent across every piece of furniture we make, which will always reflect the images you see on our website. What will vary is the nature of the wood — grain, knots, nail holes. 

Each piece of reclaimed wood has its own pattern and life story, and we are careful to enhance and not transform or erase those natural elements.

Kase Custom furniture is designed to highlight the character, heritage and natural beauty of reclaimed wood. Proper care for this long-wearing, sustainable material will nourish its timeless appeal for generations to come. 

  • Use a damp lint-free cloth for regular cleaning
  • Add a drop of natural soap as needed
  • Promptly dry moisture 

Note: Your furniture never needs detergent, bleach, ammonia or all-purpose cleaners. These products are harmful to both the finish and wood.

Kase Custom furniture is thoughtfully designed and built to last for generations. And each piece is made to order — precisely to your customizations. As such, orders are final sale.

If you're unsure about selecting the perfect dimensions or style for your space, we offer complimentary design service at This service exists to ensure your furniture will work well in your space(s) as well as to build confidence in your purchase. Our aim is for your furniture to not only last but to be loved for generations to come. 

While sales are final, we stand by our products throughout their entire lifetime and invite you to contact us at if you ever encounter an issue.

We understand the desire to experience our reclaimed wood and finish colors firsthand in your decision making process, and we want you to feel confident in your purchase. 

We invite you to visit our Finish Colors page for a variety of imagery in each finish option. We have carefully selected photos that showcase our signature stains in different settings and lighting for the fullest online shopping experience. 

As you browse, please note the unique character and variance of any one section of wood. The nature of wood offers a range of personality plank to plank. And while we cannot guarantee your Kase Custom piece will look identical to any previous piece we’ve designed, we promise your overall finish color and aesthetic will be precisely what you see online. That’s the beauty of fully handmade reclaimed wood furniture — your piece is truly a one and only. 

Additionally, our Design Team is ever ready to assist in helping you select the right finish for your specific space —

Our rotating inventory of In Stock pieces are opportunistic options for customers who are looking for furniture faster than the made-to-order production time frame. 

All of these pieces are the same quality and standards as our made-to-order pieces. We do not maintain a backstock of any of our furniture and it is for a variety of reasons these pieces might be available. Do note they are typically one-offs so if you see an In Stock item that suits you and your space, snag it!

Shop In Stock Furniture

We have a passionate group of artisans who are constantly envisioning and testing new designs. The team is careful to go through rigorous stages of testing and perfecting prior to releasing new designs. 

Our new design releases happen sporadically throughout the year — when we know each new piece is just right. 

To be in-the-know about new product releases, sign up for our newsletter.

All of our furniture is built in our woodshop in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kase Custom is a fully online company. We offer a variety of features for you to experience our product offerings, including:

  • An ever expanding array of product imagery and customer images and reviews. We also invite you to visit our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages for additional visual content. 
  • A Finish Colors page to guide you through our three signature finish options. 

A dedicated Design Team ready to answer questions and guide you through the plethora of customization options and add-on features. We’re at your service —

We partner with Shop Pay to bring our customers a payment installment option. You can select Shop Pay at checkout to find your personalized offers.

We choose a straightforward, honest approach in our pricing — which means we exclude padded margins for routine sales and promotions. Our pricing model ebbs and flows with actual material, production and operation costs; and is routinely monitored closely and thoughtfully.

Yes! You can purchase a gift card in a variety of increments.  If you are looking for a custom amount, email us at We’re happy to accommodate. 

Gift cards are electronic and will be delivered by email. Cards are easily redeemable at checkout. No processing fees. No expiration dates.

We are! Kase Custom is 50% veteran-owned and 50% woman-owned, which classifies us as 100% minority owned.

Yes, we're honored to be an approved furniture vendor to the Federal Government via We are section 889 compliant, and our UEID is PKHQMREDKV45.

Need additional information? Email us at for a prompt response. 

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We're glad to help. Contact us.

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