Assembly and Care

Assembly Instructions

Click any link below for instructions to assemble your new furniture. We've thoughtfully designed our pieces to transport safely and come together easily. 

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Steel Leg Bar Table Assembly PDF

Dining Table Assembly PDF     

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Wood Leg Desk Assembly PDF     

Coffee Table Assembly PDF


How to Care for Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood is a strong, durable, natural material that holds its own heritage. It evolves as it ages, becoming more beautiful and unique over time. Kase Custom’s handmade furniture highlights this rare combination of beauty and strength resulting in heirloom quality products that stand the test of time. 


Durable products require gentle care

Gentle care is all that is needed to care for your Kase Custom pieces. 

  1. Use a damp, soft lint-free cloth for everyday cleaning and upkeep
  2. A small amount of skin-friendly liquid dishwashing soap can be added to the cloth, if needed. Be sure to wipe away excess soap with a damp cloth, then finish with a dry cloth. 
  3. DO NOT allow liquids to sit on the furniture
  4. DO NOT use detergent, bleach, ammonia, or any type of all purpose cleaners.


Reclaimed Wood ages beautifully 

As a natural element, reclaimed wood ages and its beauty deepens over time. For example, direct, extended exposure to sunlight may give it a natural patina. This is part of the wood’s individual aging process, imprinting your memories in the grain of the wood as it evolves throughout your lifetime. 


It comes from nature, but prefers the indoors

Kase Custom Indoor furniture is designed strictly for indoor use. Humidity, rain, and outdoor sun exposure will impact the stain as well as the integrity of the wood.



Kase Custom furniture is designed and built to last for generations.

We stand by our product for its entire lifetime and welcome you to reach out to if you ever encounter an issue.