Kase Custom building materials layout

Our Materials: A Curated Legacy

Thoughtful design rarely stands still. Our reclaimed wood furniture is the result of 10 years of refinement — no technique or detail overlooked, especially when it comes to our materials.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” -Charles Mingus

The handmade build process of our entire collection of wood furniture consists of only 6-8 materials. This careful curation amounts to heirloom quality that exudes the confidence and character of a craft expertly practiced.

Reclaimed Wood pieces in different finishes

Storied Wood

We source our reclaimed wood for its health, strength, beauty and environmental responsibility. Each plank of wood holds a story of resilience and mystery, ready to be formed anew.

Kase Custom metal and steel furniture building materials

Forging Quality

Our steel is selected for its endurance and elegance.

The made-to-order components are powder coated individually to withstand the natural process of oxidation, and each screw, nail and bolt is finished with a rust-resistant coating for lifetime longevity.

Wood glue, stain and sealant arranged in small cups.

Lasting Finishes

Our glues and fillers are chosen for their toxin-free, eco-friendly and long-lasting attributes.

Kase Custom signature wood stains feature Natural — a clean, uncomplicated enhancing of raw wood tones — and Provincial and Espresso, which penetrate deeply into the wood's pores to enliven the rich depth of grain.

The final step is a hand-brushing of hard-drying clear sealant to safeguard your Kase Custom investment.

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