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What is the current production time on Kase Custom furniture? 

Our current production time is approximately 4-6 weeks. For your convenience, we keep this space as well as the banner at the top of the page updated with the most current information. 


How and where do you ship?

Complimentary delivery is offered within the Continental USA. This includes curbside freight by appointment or standard FedEx Ground.

Full Service White Glove delivery is available for an additional fee and includes inside delivery to room of choice, unpacking, placement, assembly, and debris removal. 

Select either complimentary or upgrade to White Glove delivery at checkout. If you would like to inquire about delivery outside of the Continental USA or to change your delivery method after checkout, please reach out to hello@kasecustom.com for further assistance.


Do you make custom pieces? 

With a name like Kase Custom, we certainly understand the heartfelt requests we receive to custom build a piece of furniture. But custom takes on a different meaning here. 

As our product offerings grew over the years, The Kase Custom Team developed a multitude of options and thousands of possible combinations emerged. So, while we cannot recreate your grandmother’s armoire or custom build a piece of furniture with your specs and materials, we can deliver a piece of handmade furniture that is customized to your needs. 


Where does Kase Custom source the reclaimed wood?

Our furniture is built with reclaimed wood sourced throughout the United States and chosen for its health, strength, and beauty. 


What kind of reclaimed wood is used to build the furniture? 

Kase Custom reclaimed wood furniture is made with carefully curated combinations of wood species, making each piece of furniture different from any other in the world. It is not possible to guarantee any certain species of wood will be included - or excluded - from your Kase Custom piece. Only that it is healthy, beautiful and thoughtfully chosen.


Is the wood sealed? What does it feel like?

Reclaimed wood holds its own history and bears evidence of its past life in the form of nail holes, texture and other character markings earned through seasons of existence. Each hand selected piece of reclaimed wood is planed and thoroughly sanded before being stained (if applicable) and sealed (always). The result is a well finished and durable piece of furniture designed to last for generations.


What stain color options are available? 

Kase Custom furniture is available in Natural, Espresso and Provincial finishes. 

 Natural shows the wood in its purest form.

 Espresso is a rich, dark brown. 

 Provincial is a classic walnut shade. 


What height chairs or stools fit my Kase Custom table? 

Kase Custom offers 3 table heights. 

Dining Height is 30” and is best paired with standard dining chairs, approximately 18" tall.

Counter Height is 36” and best paired with counter chairs or stools, approximately 24" tall. 

Bar Height is 42” and best paired with bar stools, approximately 30" tall. 

A good rule of thumb is to subtract 12” from the height of the table to determine the approximate height of your ideal seating. This may vary within an inch or two with different makers. Kase Custom table heights are industry standard, so you'll find consistent heights offered when shopping for seating, most often labeled appropriately as dining chair, counter stool and bar stool. So, if you purchase a counter height table, be sure to pair with counter height stools. 


How do I care for my reclaimed wood furniture?

Gentle care is all that is needed to care for your Kase Custom pieces. 

  1. Use a damp, soft lint-free cloth for everyday cleaning and upkeep
  2. A small amount of skin-friendly liquid dishwashing soap can be added to the cloth, if needed. Be sure to wipe away excess soap with a damp cloth, then finish with a dry cloth. 
  3. DO NOT allow liquids to sit on the furniture
  4. DO NOT use detergent, bleach, ammonia, or any type of all-purpose cleaners.

Reclaimed wood is a strong, durable, natural material that holds its own heritage. It evolves as it ages, becoming more beautiful over time. Learn more about how to care for your furniture throughout the years. How to Care for Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Can your furniture be used outdoors?

Kase Custom reclaimed wood furniture is designed for indoor use. Humidity, rain, and outdoor sun exposure will impact the stain as well as the integrity of the wood. We understand some choose to use their table outdoors and urge you only to consider this if in a covered and well protected area. Any outdoor use is at your own risk.


What is your return policy?

Each and every Kase Custom piece of furniture is built by hand and customized to your individual choices. As such, all Kase Custom furniture is final sale, but your satisfaction remains our top priority. If there is any issue at all with the delivered furniture, simply reach out to hello@kasecustom.com to connect directly with our team who is ready to assist you. 


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